Continuing Ministry during COVID-19: A guide for your church

History demonstrates the sovereignty and glory of God. God has always used people to reach people, and He has worked greatly through the church during some of history’s most difficult times. The church is the vehicle God has chosen to serve and reach the world. Simply put, when times are at their worst, God, through the church, is at His best. This is neither the first nor the last time the church will face the challenge of ministry in a season of crisis. The difficulty for the church in this season comes in the novelty of this particular crisis. We have never experienced anything like this.

As church and ministry leaders consider how best to love and lead their congregation, they are also seeking the best ways to reach the unreached, engage the unengaged, and serve the underserved in their community. The exceptional reaction of Arkansas Baptists to this crisis has been both careful and calculated. However, moving forward, we will need to identify the next steps of transitioning from the initial reaction into a more comprehensive response. Course corrections can be made to areas of ministry now, that may result in greater health and greater Kingdom impact in the future. Let’s lead through this crisis, but let’s lead in ways that will last beyond the crisis. Our initial reaction was necessary and appropriate, but now let’s respond in ways that will result in church health and Kingdom growth beyond this season of crisis.

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Table of Contents

  1. Worship & Preaching Ministries

  2. Stewardship & Administration Ministries

  3. Discipleship & Group Ministries

  4. Next Generation & Family Ministries

  5. Women’s & Men’s Ministries

  6. Communication, Connection & Care Ministries

  7. Outreach & Evangelism Ministries


Worship & Preaching Ministries during COVID-19



Stewardship & Administration Ministries during COVID-19



Discipleship & Group Ministries during COVID-19



Next Generation & Family Ministries during COVID-19



Women's & Men's Ministries during COVID-19



Communcation, Connection & Care Ministries during COVID-19



Outreach & Evangelism Ministries during COVID-19