The Work of the Interim Minister

This conference will help equip you to better perform the strategic ministry of the interim pastor. Led by Jimmie Sheffield and David Bond, the training will be held at Camp Paron.



The time between permanent pastors is a critical time for a church. Members often give tirelessly to keep the ministries operating at maximum capacity. Decisions are frequently made about the future direction of the church.


These two conferences will prepare a person to be better able to:

  • Understand the sequential line of events which every transitional congregation experiences before calling a new pastor. 
  • Learn and apply the process tasks of an interim minister. 
  • Use several congregational assessment tools to study the health of a church and assist them with their organizational and spiritual growth. 
  • Learn to understand the systematic use of Focus Points in the congregation's preparation for a new pastor. 
  • Understand the work of a Transition Team though which an interim pastor leads the congregation in their work. 

Costs includes lodging, meals, breaks, and materials. 

Traditional Interim Training (Part 1): $175

Intentional Interim Training (Part 2): $250

Traditional and Intentional Interim Training (Part 1 & 2): $400 

*Commuters may deduct $40 per night.