An Outline to Develop a Church Security Plan

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention recently held a church security seminar at Park Hill Baptist Church. Greg Addison, associate executive director, presented a breakout session designed to give leadership principles for pastors and lay leaders in how to develop and implement security policies.


We have provided the outline from Greg’s presentation for those who requested it.  Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions. 


Overall Areas That Must Be Addressed

  1. Greeters/presence/leaders
  2. Outside presence 
  3. Communications plan for any event
  4. Children/youth safety - Ministry Safe. Including mandatory reporting.
  5. Medical emergencies
  6. Weather events 
  7. Active shooter 
  8. Weapons policy. 
  9. Sex offender policy
  10. Cash handling, offering cash

Process For Development, Introduction, And IMPLEMETATION


  1. CREATE task force for analysis and development 
  2. Educate staff/leadership of the need
  3. Cast vision and explanation/preparation to the church
    • Explain the need
      • ​​​​​​​Events at your church where security is needed​​​​
      • All types of events – kids, worship service, youth trips, etc.
      • Events in Arkansas
      • Events nationally-for weight & volume-not why are we doing this or will never happen here
    • Explain the plan of how we will do this
      • Team in the church-inlcude committess where effective
      • ABSC - use all of us as affirmatino
      • Training and research
      • Use:
        • church members
        • ABSC members in other churches
        • local people: Fire, Police, Medical
      • Begin explaining at developmental not at implementation
  4. Work of Task Force
    • Pray
    • Analyze
    • Set Priorities
    • Set Deadlines
  5. Implementation
    • Balance highest risk vs easy victories
    • Train leaders and volunteers of area/team
    • Explain to church the implementation and procedures
    • Thank teams from the pulpit and ask congregation to do that 
    • Establish plan and calendar for on-going training 
  6. Handling Sanballat & Tobias
    • Expect some resistance, Change is hard. Emotions are involved and fear makes some folks want to avoid addressing at all. Don't give in. Prepare your leaders to stand strong as well.
    • Anticipate objections as much as possible and begin answering in vision casting before it comes up. 
    • Utilize task force members so not just a "preacher idea." 
    • Focus must be on those who are affected and appreciative, not on squeaky wheel.
    • Take politics out of it.
    • Show this is the right thing to do.
    • Assure them we will build a plan for “our” church.