Big Day Easter

Easter is right around the corner! Easter Sunday is a “Big Day” for many churches, when attendance is higher than normal and there is an exceptional spirit of celebration in the worship service. Consider capitalizing on Easter Sunday  in an effort to reach out to the unchurched in your community by:


  • Praying for and inviting unchurched friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members to the special Easter service.
  • Getting ready for guests in a way that ensures a warm welcome.
  • Planning the worship service carefully.
  • Sharing the Gospel simply and clearly.
  • Giving a clear opportunity to respond to the Gospel message.
  • Following up with guests who attended.


You may wish to form a team that oversees the church’s efforts at making Easter Sunday a “Big Day.” In addition to the elements above, your church may wish to think of other ways to make the day special such as:


  • Creating an Easter backdrop where family photos can be taken. Ask each family to provide contact information so that you can email the photo later, thus providing an excellent opportunity for follow-up.
  • Providing breakfast during Sunday School/Life Groups or providing hot chocolate, coffee, donuts, and cookies upon arrival.
  • Providing adhesive nametags for everyone so that worshipers can avoid the anxiety of not knowing names.
  • Baking something special to give guests as they leave.


As followers of Christ, we joyfully celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Many around us have little or no understanding about the significance of Easter. Consider how your church can bring amazing understanding to those who need the hope of Jesus! For more information about “Getting Ready for Your Big Day,” visit or contact the Evangelism and Church Health Team at (800) 376-4791, ext. 5128 or