Chaplaincy and Volunteers God Stories

"I am so, so sorry, sir!" These were the first words out of his mouth...The young man had worked for us in our business prior to the night that he walked into the Sunday evening jail ministry service and uttered that statement. He was BROKEN! It was December, and the young man, who was enrolled at a local college, thankfully was out of school on Christmas break. Prior to working for us he served our country as a soldier in Middle East. Thus, the habit of him ALWAYS calling me "sir." One would be hard pressed to find a finer young man this this guy!

He was always hard working, faithful and loyal to his co-workers and our company! But, because of untreated PTSD issues he was prone to self-medication and alcohol abuse. He lived in a room on our property. This allowed us to invite him to our weekly bible studies in our home, which he regularly attended. After working for a couple of years he regained his driver’s license, moved to town, and enrolled in college. 

This is where the story began, "I am SO SORRY, sir" as he walked into the Sunday evening service at the jail, weeping with his head down. The next month was spent working with the college and the Sheriff to resolve the problem and get him back in school. This was accomplished, and he later graduated with a very high GPA.  And, he is employed full-time now! 

GOD IS A GOOD GOD! It was through jail ministry opportunities and the power of the Word that this situation had a happy ending! This young man messed up many times - he received second, third and even fourth chances! Our God is Faithful. 

Over the weekend we responded to a car fire in the Wal Mart parking lot.  As the engine crew put out the fire a lady ran out of the store upset and screaming.  She was the owner of the car and informed the Captain that she was homeless and lived out of her car. Everything she owned was in the car and now destroyed.  I contacted the local Salvation Army to find out if there was room for her.  They were beyond capacity.  I then contacted the local women’s shelter to find a place to house the lady.  The shelter had one bed that had come open that morning and they also had in their resource/clothes closet many items that perfectly fit this lady.  The lady had never known about the local women’s shelter and was grateful to come in contact with them even in the event of a tragedy.