Creating a One Day Schedule

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As you begin to put the finishing touches on your planning and preparation for Serve Local, you will want to develop a schedule of the day’s activities. As ministries may be occurring at different times during the day, a schedule can allow members to pray more specifically throughout the day and can also be beneficial to anyone who has been assigned to take photos of videos of the day.


There is not one standard schedule for Serve Local. We want this day to fit the needs of your team and your community.  We do ask that you include the following four areas in your Serve Local schedule.


  1. Have all team members view the Serve Local Opening video.

A link to this pre-recorded video will be sent to you in an email prior to Serve Local.  You can gather all members at a particular time in one location to view the video, or you can provide the link to each member to view in their home. Post a photo of your team or have individuals/families post photos on social media using the hashtag #ServeARK.


  1. Determine when members will gather at their various ministry sites and SERVE.

No need to provide these times to the ABSC Missions Team, but you may want to consider providing all ministry times and locations to your membership for the reasons mentioned above. As team members serve, encourage them to post photos, videos of the team serving, or video testimonies on social media using the hashtag #ServeARK. Don’t forget to keep records of all contacts and decisions made during the day.


  1. Celebrate with other churches all across Arkansas!

Join the ABSC Missions Team for a Facebook Live Celebration at 6:00pm on the day of Serve Local.  Again, you can have all members gather in one place or members can view the Celebration in their homes or at their ministry sites.  The ABSC Communications Team will show a video highlighting the events of the day across our state. 


  1. Celebrate with your church!

Plan to celebrate with your church during morning worship on the Sunday immediately following Serve Local. A link to the Celebration video will be sent to all registered churches following the 6:00pm Facebook Live Celebration.