How To Get Information from Guests

Carefully consider how best to gather information from guests.  There are a few options to consider:


    1. Everyone in the service fills out and submits a registration card which can include prayer requests (guests will not want to be singled out by not filling out the card).  This card could also serve as a decision card, but that strategy only works if you plan to pass the offering plates after the invitation and if every attendee receives a card.
    1. Place a clipboard on each pew for everyone sitting on that pew to sign (have a place for name and contact information).
    1. Provide guest information cards in the pews which guests fill out and leave. 
    1. Additional Considerations:
      • Avoid saying “Fill out the card so that we can have a record of your visit.” Truth be told, guests probably do not care if we have a record of it.
      • Assuring guests that you will not make an unannounced visit to their home may increase the likelihood that they will fill out their contact information. However, only promise that if no one in your church is going to break that promise by making an unannounced visit.
      • Consider offering a gift to first-time guests who submit their guest card to a “Welcome Center” area at the conclusion of the service.