How to Turn One Day into an Ongoing Event for Your Church

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For many churches, local community missions is nothing new.  One Day: Serve Local provides a new and exciting opportunity for your church to serve your community on the same day hundreds of other Arkansas Baptist churches are serving their communities.  For some churches, Serve Local will be their first step into local community missions.  


How do we keep and build on the momentum created through Serve Local? Here are two suggestions.


First, view Serve Local as a movement, not an event. If Serve Local is allowed to only become an event your church participated in, your members may view evangelism as event driven.  Build on your Serve Local experience to remind members that they are missionaries to your local community. Remind them of the continual need to identify people with whom they live, work, and play who are lost and need Jesus.  Remind them that evangelism is a lifestyle. Encourage members, families, and Sunday School/Small Groups to identify and meet needs while sharing Jesus.  Plan similar days like Serve Local to mobilize members for local missions.  Schedule a week or even a month of outreach in the local community or among a particular group of people in the community.  Often, a member’s experience during a mission event, like Serve Local, can lead them to develop a lifestyle focused on missions.


Then, plan on making Serve Local an annual missions experience for your church. Yes, let’s continue to serve our local communities throughout the year while sharing the Gospel. Let’s also commit to join hundreds of Arkansas Baptist churches meeting needs and sharing Jesus in our own local communities once a year on the same day! The date of the next Serve Local can be found here:

Join Arkansas Baptist from across the state at One Day - an Acts 1:8 Mission Experience. Saturday, October 2, 2021