Inspire 2022 Ministry Project

Inspire Women’s Conference is excited to partner with Desired Haven Advocacy which is a division of Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries. We will be collecting the following items at Inspire: Laundry Detergent (in pods), Dishwashing Detergent (pods are best), and Cleaning Supplies such as Lysol Wipes, Lysol Spray & paper towels. Please bring these items to Inspire and drop the items in the collection bins at each entrance.

Ministry Project Description: As Christ advocates on our behalf, struggling families need someone advocating for them. At-risk families often lack the skills and support system to experience all God desires for them.  Families should be a haven of love, belonging, and connection where children can thrive. We want to strengthen hurting families with the hope of the gospel and the love of Christ.  Desired Haven helps guide at-risk families to healthy futures by partnering them with a trained advocate who builds a healthy support system around families and teaches them 7 areas of stability. 

Our program has traditionally been in the context of our 3 Family Care Homes. However, the need to serve vulnerable families is greater than what our homes can serve, and often, families simply need a support system rather than move into a family care home. There are families at risk in every community in our state and churches can impact those families. We want to bring our ministry to your community by equipping your church to be family advocates. Our goal is to equip the local church with the training, tools, and ongoing support to provide a Christ-centered support system around the hurting families in their community. 

Your church can become a Desired Haven partner in two ways: DH Communities and DH Home Support. Your church can become a Desired Haven Community, where we train and support advocates in your church to serve the vulnerable families in your own community. DH Communities serve: 

  • Women with unexpected pregnancies 
  • Biological parents with children in foster care 
  • At-risk families   

Your church or small group may feel called to support the families in our 3 family care homes (Springdale, Little Rock, Jonesboro) through: 

  • Providing special events and holiday celebrations for our families 
  • Adopting a Family Suite to update when a new family moves in 
  • Hosting drives for household supplies  

Visit to learn more and to contact us about becoming a DH Community or supporting our DH Homes. You will learn more about practical ways to get involved at Inspire 2022!