Lori McDaniel Bio

Lori McDaniel is a mom of 3, pastor's wife and speaker. She served with her family as a missionary for several years in Africa before returning to plant Grace Point Church in Bentonville, Arkansas.

I believe that disruption is good for the soul,

that creativity has a no stop valve,
that ordinary people shape the world,
that adventure is a learning opportunity, 
that global travel enlarges worldview,
that to live is Christ and to die is gain.  

 I’d love to meet up in an urban coffee shop

where mugs don’t match. OR BETTER YET, 

I'd prefer we meet under a village mango tree, 

flip flops on our feet and sipping hot tea brewed over coals. Little bits of a city and little bits of village run through my veins.

My family had our world rocked when we moved to Zambia, Africa.

We went with 2 small children and came back to the States with 3! But that’s not what rocked our world. Africa stole our hearts! 

Even my 3 children loved cross-cultural life.

It wasn't just the wildness of the land that my tomboyish personality fell in love with; it was the people – the rhythm of their dance, the cadence of their prayers, the sincerity of friendships, and the lighting up of someone's face when they heard the gospel for the first time!

Living in a different culture stripped us of our American ideals. God reshaped our worldview toward His world, His church, making disciples, and participating in his mission. 

Our desire became to lead others to love God's word and love God's world.

My husband and I, and our kids, returned to plant a church with a desire to reach the unchurched in our area and make disciples that live sent out in their everyday life, participating in God's mission. Now our church is planting churches in other countries of the world. The years of church planting allowed me to start up and lead our digital and media communication, children's ministry and women's ministry. 

I was never that "missionary-girl," but now I totally am.

You'll quickly figure out that even though I work at the IMB as a Global Mission Catalyst, study at SEBTS, and live the pastor's wife life, I don't have a spiritual cape attached to me as I stand on a platform to teach or  trek around the globe. I'm quite ordinary. Maybe that's why I love it when ordinary people begin to leverage their everyday-normal life and begin to participate in God's mission for the first time. 

 And all of that has shaped my passion to lead and disciple people

to understand God's word and to see how their everyday life collides with God's mission of making His name known.


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