Developing a Children's Worship Ministry

Helps to assist a church in planning and developing a children's worship time

Evaluating Facilities Through the Eyes of a Guest

Use this evaluation as a way to view your facilities as the eyes of your visitors.

Facilities Checklist

Download this PDF to use as a checklist to ensure your facilites are ready for guests! 

Follow Up

Follow-up takes time and hard work, and therefore, it is often neglected.  In this resource, you will find suggestions for how to follow up with new believers and guests.

Follow Up Night

Follow-up is a vital but often neglected element of any outreach event. Follow-Up Night is a great way to intentionally reach out to the unchurched who attend your event.

Foundation for a Great Visit

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Foundations for a Great Visit

Creating great first impressions of your church for visitors “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


Churches are made up of women of different ages and stages of life. We have a chance to minister to all of them! Please use this resource as a tool to better understand the generations and how to reach and serve them with the Gospel of Jesus.

Getting Ready for Guests [Handout]

Prepare the members of your church to receive guests on the big day! This handout will inform your church members on guest friendliness!
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