Revival Tent Rental

The ABSC has two large tents that are available for ABSC churches, missions, or local associations to use. They are a great tool for an outdoor revival, Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Club, or any number of other outreach events that might need shade and covering during your summer activities.

Tent Descriptions

Large Tent

  • 36’ x 104’ oval 
  • Seats 300-450 
  • Yellow and white
  • Optional sidewalls included
  • Does not include a sound system, chairs, or a stage

Small Tent

  • 36’ x 22’ oval 
  • Seats 100-150  
  • Yellow and white
  • Optional sidewalls included
  • Does not include chairs or a stage

The tents are available for use by ABSC churches and associations only and are not intended for daycare or wedding use.

How to Reserve

Contact Donna Couch on the ABSC Evangelism and Church Health Team at (501) 376-4791 ext. 5193 or to check availability.

Cost:  $125 due at the time tent is picked up

Each tent may be scheduled for a maximum of nine consecutive days.

Exceptions may be granted for extenuating circumstances.

Pick Up

Each tent is stored in an enclosed utility trailer at the ABSC office and can be picked up during regular office hours.  Should you need to pick up the tent at another time, please inform us at the time of reservation. The church is responsible for picking up and returning the tent.  Each trailer contains materials necessary for setting up the tent such as stakes, poles, and ropes.

Both trailers can be pulled by a full-size pickup, van or SUV with an 8-cylinder engine and a Class 3 trailer hitch (500 lbs. tongue weight with 3,500 lbs. load capacity).

Tent #1 requires a 2 5/16” ball for towing. Our office can provide a ball mount with a 2 5/16” ball.

Tent #2 requires a 2” ball for towing.

The light hookup is a standard 4-prong on the small trailer, and a 7 prong for the big trailer.

The ABSC advises that you contact your insurance company to confirm you liability insurance. A minimum of $1,000,000 Limit of Liability is recommended. 

Our office will provide you with a trailer lock and keys.


The tent must be placed on a flat surface, free of power lines and trees. Approximately 10-15 men and several sledge hammers are needed for setup. The weight and size of the tents demand a full crew of volunteers because safety is an issue.

(Download setup instructions PDFs)

Approximate setup time (without experience):

Tent #1     3-4 hours

Tent #2     2-3 hours

Watch this instructional video for more information on setting up the tent.


Once the tent has been taken down and loaded into the trailer, please return it to the ABSC office. Return the keys and trailer lock to the Evangelism and Church Health office.

In order to protect the tent from mold, please do not load it into the trailer while it is wet.