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These must be practiced for the sake of other people, the testimony of the Gospel, the reputation of our host church and our own church, and for the sake of your own family and yourself.  There is nothing heroic about being careless!


For the Team:

  • Wear mask and social distance where possible. Mask must cover both nose and mouth.
  • Practice frequent hand sanitizer use and/or washing with soap and water
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands
  • When handling food or drink intended for others, wear mask and disposable gloves.
  • Temperature checks will be done daily before sports camp sessions
  • If you have a temperature, cough, unusual headache, loss of taste or smell, and/or abnormal lack of energy, you must report it to leaders and self-quarantine.
  • So, practice safety because your help is needed.  A good rule of thumb is to assume the other person is positive, without your being rude, and permit them to assume you are positive.

For the Safety of the Children:

  • Disinfect all sports equipment before and between sports rotations and often
  • Dispense hand sanitizer, supplied by us, for the children before each rotation.
  • Teach and encourage social distancing where possible
  • Group leaders, using a disposable glove, will push dispenser buttons for water and sports drink for the children.
  • We wear mask and disposable gloves when handling or dispensing any refreshments.

Masks are required for the following Team members:

  • Registration: give those who are registering new/unused pencils to fill our form. They can drop the used pencil in a designated plastic container.
  • Group leaders: also use disposable gloves to push dispenser on the water and sports drink for the children.
  • Bible Study assistants: maintain social distancing when assisting children with decision packets.
  • Refreshments: also use disposable gloves

Masks are recommended for all other workers.


Pray for the LORD’s protection for all, but mainly pray for people to come to know HIM.