South Asia - Resources for Churches

1. The South Asia page on IMB’s website has a video, FAST FACTS, Photos you can download (to use on bulletin boards, your website, social media, etc. – they are safe to use online), and more. 

2. The South Asia Store has FREE materials you can order for various occasions: prayer guides, PowerPoint prayer guides which can be used to lead groups to pray, Fast Facts infographics, downloadable videos, guides to Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism (informed members make better prayer partners!), downloadable banners, Unreached People Group Prayer Profiles, guides for ladies’ prayer teas, and more.   



You are free to download and print this sample of the Fast Facts infographic or order form the South Asia Store. 




3. Check out these informative videos:

4. Each church can designate a prayer champion who will receive quarterly emails from the IMB Prayer Office with tools and resources they can use to keep missions and prayer before the church. Contact information for your church’s prayer champion can be submitted to 


5. South Asia Newsletter (Coming soon...)  Get ahead of the curve by signing up now using this link.

6. Praying through the Core Missionary Task - this guide is FULL of prayer requests that will enhance your prayers for mission work in South Asia and around the world.  Printable PDF (4.3MB)  Click HERE

7. Social Media Sharables (Coming soon...) 

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