It is our privilege to partner with your church by providing resources and personal assistance to help create a culture of generosity through the development of biblical stewards committed to impacting the Kingdom by leveraging their time, talents, and treasure for the sake of the Gospel. Whether your desire is to have a one-Sunday stewardship revival led by our staff or a self-directed, multi-week stewardship emphasis, we can help!

Additionally, we are excited to provide all of our partnering churches with many additional tools from the Stewardship Development Association (SDA) at no cost because of your generous gifts to the Cooperative Program. Click here for dozens of downloadable resources to help your church implement sound financial practices, budget, prevent mismanagement of resources, and promote biblical stewardship.


2018 Compensation Planning Workshops

Click Here to pre-register for the Compensation Planning Workshops or call 501-376-4791 ext. 5114 or 800-838-2272 ext. 5114


   Monday, Jan. 15                              9:00 am                              Mountain Home – East Side Baptist, 718 E. 9th St.

   Monday, Jan. 15                              6:00 pm                              Rogers – Immanuel Baptist, 2555 S. 26th St.

   Tuesday, Jan. 16                             9:00 am                              Mansfield – First Baptist, 405 E. Center St.

   Thursday, Jan. 18                            9:00 am                              Little Rock – Baptist Building, 10 Remington Dr.

   Monday, Jan. 22                              9:00 am                              Jonesboro – Highland Drive Baptist, 515 E. Highland Dr.

   Thursday, Jan. 25                            9:00 am                              El Dorado – East Main Baptist, 1903 E. Main St.

   Thursday, Jan. 25                            6:00 pm                              Texarkana – Hickory Street Baptist, 2923 Hickory St.  

   Tuesday, Feb. 20                             9:00 am                              Mountain Home - East Side Baptist, 718 E 9th St.



2018 Preparing for Retirement Seminars

Click Here to pre-register for any of the Preparing for Retirement Seminars or call 501-376-4791 ext. 5114 or 800-838-2272 ext. 5114


    Thursday, Feb. 13                        9:00 am                                               Little Rock -  Baptist Building, 10 Remington Dr.

    Tuesday, Sept. 11                         9:00 am                                               Little Rock – Baptist Building, 10 Remington Dr.


**Special how-to information is available to participants who bring a GuideStone Estimate of Benefits. Before you come, request yours from GuideStone and bring it with you to the seminar. Simply call 1-888-984-8433, or login at Choose the Retirement & Investments tab, then click on Retirement income, and finally select Retirement Income Estimate.




2018 Your Church & Money

Click Here to pre-register for any of the Your Church & Money Workshops or call 501-376-4791 ext. 5114 or 800-838-2272 ext. 5114.


      Tuesday, Aug. 21                        9:00 am                                                Mena – First Baptist, 811 Port Arthur Ave.

      Tuesday, Aug. 21                        6:00 pm                                                Springdale – Elmdale Baptist, 1700 W. Huntsville Ave.

      Thursday, Aug. 23                      9:00 am                                                 Little Rock – Baptist Building, 10 Remington Dr.

      Tuesday, Aug. 28                        9:00 am                                                Paragould – West View Baptist, 701 W. Morgan St.

      Tuesday, Aug. 28                        6:00 pm                                                Batesville – First Baptist, 610 E. Main St.

      Thursday, Aug. 30                      9:00 am                                                North Crossett – First Baptist, 1035 Highway 133 N.

      Thursday, Aug. 30                      6:00 pm                                                Camden – Grace Baptist, 1505 California Ave. SW.



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How are Ministers Different from Non-Ministers for Tax Purposes?

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One of the most essential, yet often overlooked, elements of a good compensation structure for church employees is an accountable reimbursement plan, a.k.a. an expense account.
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In recent weeks, team members led 3 associational Church Revitalization conferences that trained pastors and lay leaders on how to use “Design Guides” to develop ideas for greater ministry impact in issues related to church growth and health.
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