Acts 1:8 One Day Mission Trip

Arkansas Baptists partner with local associations each year to impact lostness across the state through One Day events.
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Acts 1:8 Strategy Training

Your church can develop a strategy to lead its members to obey ACTS 1:8 in order to be Jesus’ witnesses in your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Uttermost parts of the world.
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Arkansas Master'Singers

Who are the Arkansas Master'Singers?
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Arkansas Mission Projects

Missions IN Arkansas? Yes! Almost 50% of the people in our state are unclaimed by any religious group.
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We can assist your church by providing consultation and resources that will help new people consider your church to be their church too.
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We desire to provide resources, training, encouragement and support for leaders.
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Bible Drill

Bible Drill is a discipleship tool for teaching children and youth God’s Word.
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Bible Storying

Bible storying is crafting stories that are biblically accurate for the purpose of sharing Jesus with anyone and everyone.
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Block Party Ministry

Block party ministry is a great way to reach your local community with lasting effects not only on the community but also on the hosting church.
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Building & Space Analysis

We assist Arkansas Baptist churches in evaluating existing facilities, planning for growth and utilizing every option available to provide adequate, effective space.
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The experience of a week-long mission trip packaged into a single weekend
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Camp Paron

Camp Paron is the perfect place to get away from it all and experience adventure in a serene setting with camps, conferences, retreats, family reunions, weddings, and corporate events.
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Campers On Mission

Arkansas Campers on Mission is a national fellowship of Christian campers who share their faith while camping.
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Chaplains go out into the world and develop meaningful relationships that provide pathways for the Gospel to be shared with those who are unlikely to find it in any other way.
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We seek to assist churches in the area of children’s ministry through quality training, consultations and resources designed to support churches.
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Children's Missions Discipleship

Missions discipleship for children is, at its core, about making disciples. It’s about reaching the lost and helping them grow to become on-mission Christians.
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Christian Men's Job Corps

Christian Men’s Job Corps seeks to equip men, in a Christian context, for life and employment.
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Christian Women's Job Corps

Christian Women’s Job Corps seeks to equip women, in a Christian context, for life and employment.
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Church Administration

As with any organization, a local church has needs related to conducting business, caring for facilities, stewarding resources, and managing personnel.
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Church Renewal Journey

Church Renewal Journey is a series of five lay-led weekends designed to engage the laity of churches to come together for a biblical-based spiritual journey with the aim that participants become on-mission with God.
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Church Revitalization

Our church revitalization approach is not a program, but rather a process that is pastor-led and fully customized for the unique needs of each congregation.
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In one of the most transitional times in the life of a young person, we want to be a resource for not only college students, but parents, college ministers, pastors and lay leaders as well.
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Committees & Ministry Teams

In the church, a need exist for more formal kinds of service (committees) and more informal ministry involvement (ministry teams).
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Community Missions

Community Missions is a unique blend of ministry opportunities you & your church can plug into in order to reach those in your community & beyond.
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Community Needs Assessments

The Community Needs Assessment tool is the first step in analyzing the make-up of the families and community services that are in and around the local church.
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Conflict Reconciliation

The CRM (Conflict Reconciliation Ministry) is designed to provide assistance to hurting and conflicted churches.
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Construction Ministry

There are several construction opportunities for mission minded folks to get involved in!
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Cowboy Church Planting

Cowboy Church Planting is one of the many types of church planting in Arkansas and is also one of the fastest growing.
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Deacon Ministry

Deacons play an important biblical role in the ministry and function of the local church. We can assist churches by helping them understand biblical deacon ministry.
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Disaster Relief

ABSC Disaster Relief extends the love of Christ to disaster survivors by preparing hot meals, removing damaging trees and debris, tarping roofs, shoveling mud, providing emergency communications, and coordinating the response through Incident Command leadership.
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We can assist your church in developing an intentional process of making disciples, moving believers beyond a profession of faith to a life devoted to following Christ and fulfilling His mission.
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The Evangelism Ministry consists of personal witness training, revival preparation and total church evangelism strategy.
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Explore Your Call

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention is pleased to partner with those called to the ministry, their churches, and their families for the purpose of clarifying God’s call, preparing for God’s call, and beginning to practice God’s call.
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Family Ministries

The church is a family of families. Growing churches are reaching a variety of different families and meeting specific needs.
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Food Pantry Ministry

Arkansas Baptist churches have a desire to serve those in need. Food Pantries are are an effective ministry that churches use to reach out to the community.
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Growth Barriers

Have you ever felt like your church was stuck, but you did not know why? We can assist churches in understanding both the reality of these barriers and how to remove them.
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Interim Ministry

The time between pastors can be challenging for church leadership. If your church would like to explore the Intentional Interim Ministry process, there are resources available.
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International Missions

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention National/International Missions office stands ready to help your church develop and carry out a strategy of missions involvement.
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International People Groups in Arkansas

Discover people groups in your local context, encounter them in meaningful relationships, and engage them with appropriate discipleship strategies.
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Jail and Prison Ministry

Is God calling you to jail or prison ministry? There are 75 counties in Arkansas, and each of them have at least a city or county jail.
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Literacy Missions

Literacy Missions training prepares Arkansas Baptists to help people who are internationals, adults learning to read and write, and students who need tutoring.
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Marriage Ministry

Marriage was ordained by God and is strengthened through regular involvement in the church. Churches can help couples prepare for marriage, grow in their marriage, and repair struggling marriages.
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Medical and Dental Missions

Medical and Dental clinics are an excellent avenue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. While attending to people's immediate physical needs, we are also able to minister to their eternal/spiritual needs.
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Men's Ministry

God has called men to be leaders in their homes and in their churches. We want to help minister to men in how to be the spiritual leaders God has called them to be.
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Men's Missions

The purpose of men’s missions is to assist Arkansas Baptists in reaching and serving the men and boys in our churches, cities and our state.
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Missionary Parents Fellowship

The Arkansas Missionary Parents Fellowship exists to provide a network for parents and family members of missionaries serving on international fields
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Missions Praying and Giving

Missionaries say prayer is the most important action church members can do for them.
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Mississippi River Ministry

The Mississippi River Ministry resources and responds to projects and ministries developed and sponsored by local associations and churches in an eight-state region.
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Multi-Housing Missions

We are praying for more individuals/ couples to be raised up to minister within, or even move into apartment communities to serve and love on purpose.
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Music & Worship

The purpose of worship is to glorify, honor, exalt, and please God. It is our desire to partner with local churches and associations to encourage, equip and strengthen churches toward healthy worship practices.
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North American Missions

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention North American Missions Mobilization Office is ready to help you go wherever the Lord is calling.
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Most parents have a desire to see their children learn about God, trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and grow in a relationship with Him. We are here to help parents to provide resources on how to help their children grow spiritually at home.
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Poverty Ministry

Assisting churches in determining a service that their church can do.
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Poverty Ministry Sites-Central

Find information for Poverty Ministry sites in Central Arkansas

Poverty Ministry Sites-Northeast

Find information for Poverty Ministry sites in Northeast Arkansas.

Poverty Ministry-Northwest

Find information for Poverty Ministry Sites in Northwest Arkansas.

Poverty Ministry-Southeast

Find information to get involved in Poverty Ministry in Southeast Arkansas!

Poverty Ministry—Southwest

Connect with Poverty Ministries in the Southwest part of the State!

Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening

When, in response to the prompting of God, the people of God repent and seek the face and favor of God, yield to the will and ways of God, for the glory of God, and then enjoy the manifest presence of the person of God.
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Prayerwalking Ministry

Prayerwalking has been defined as praying onsite with insight, and it is a very important first contact of the church with its community.
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Pregnancy Care Center-Central

Find information to plug in with a Pregnancy Resource Center in Central Arkansas

Pregnancy Care Center-Northeast

Find information to plug in with a Pregnancy Resource Center in Northeast Arkansas

Pregnancy Care Center-Northwest

Find information to plug in with a Pregnancy Resource Center in Northwest Arkansas

Pregnancy Care Center-Southeast

Find information to plug in with a Pregnancy Resource Center in Southeast Arkansas

Pregnancy Care Center-Southwest

Find information to plug in with a Pregnancy Resource Center in Southwest Arkansas

Pregnancy Care Centers

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention partners in three different avenues with pregnancy care centers so that together we can make a difference.
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We provide training and resources to equip churches to lay foundations of faith in the lives of preschoolers and to reach out to families with young children in their community.
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Resume Service & Ministry Opportunities

Please provide as much information as possible so that we can respond to your job search request.
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Safety & Security

Safety while at church has become a growing concern in our culture with the news of shootings and abuse. We provide churches with resources to assist in creating a safe environment where attendees can learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
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Senior Adults

We want to come alongside Arkansas Baptist churches to provide strategies and resources to reach, teach and minister to these older generations.
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We offer assistance to the local church with resources designed with the “single” person in mind.
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It is our privilege to partner with your church by providing resources and personal assistance to help create a culture of generosity through the development of biblical stewards.
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Student Missions Discipleship

Missions discipleship for students is, at its core, about making disciples. It’s about reaching the lost and helping them grow to become on-mission Christians.
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Sunday School & Small Groups

For most churches, the largest ministry organization is the system used to organize people into groups. These groups are often the primary vehicle for ministry.
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SuperKids Camp 2019

Save the dates for SuperKids 2019!
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Theological Education

Theological education is a way for pastors and other ministry leaders to gain knowledge, learn skills, deepen understanding, and be sharpened.
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Vacation Bible School (VBS)

State VBS Trainings offer in-depth training and ideas for churches and associations in the areas of leader enlistment,decorating, music, worship, missions, bible study, recreation, crafts, and more!
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Weekday Education

The Weekday Early Education Ministry of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention seeks to support and encourage churches in ministries such as mother’s day out, weekday preschool, daycare, and after-school programs.
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Woman's Missionary Union

Through missions discipleship, we are continually being transformed to be more and more like Jesus. WMU helps Christ followers to be radically involved in missions in obedience to the Great Commission.
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Women's Ministry

A fully developed ministry program offers women the opportunity to worship, grow, connect, serve, and share—together!
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Women's Missions Discipleship

myMission and Women on Mission are two ways to get the women in your church involved in missions.
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Please contact us for assistance in student evangelism, strategy, planning, leadership, and resources.
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