About Us

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) is known as a family and network of Arkansas Baptist churches, agencies, and institutions around the state that have chosen to cooperate together to advance the Kingdom of Jesus.

The ABSC consists of cooperating churches, the Executive Board, Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries, Arkansas Baptist FoundationCamp Siloam, Ouachita Baptist University, and Williams Baptist University.

These six agencies/institutions are funded by the Cooperative Program  giving of Arkansas Baptist churches. The Executive Board is responsible for receiving and distributing Cooperative Program funds and for the planning and logistics of the Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, where the budget and programs are approved.

As the Executive Board’s missionary agency, we are five teams of cooperative program missionaries funded by the Cooperative Program and the Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions OfferingChurch PlantingCollege + Young LeadersEvangelism + Church HealthMissions, and Executive + Administrative.

If you have more questions about who we are, please browse our website, contact us, or read our article “Frequently Asked Questions About Arkansas Baptists.”


Purpose Statement

The Executive Board teams of the ABSC exist to assist churches in fulfilling the Great Commission through three essential intents: strengthening churches, impacting the next generation, and reaching the unengaged, unreached, and underserved.

Core Values

We believe that:


The Bible is the Word of God and is our mandate and guide for ministry and missions. The church is God’s primary agent for accomplishing His purpose in the world. Our staff’s call, commitment, and competence are the most important resources we offer churches.

Therefore, we will act with:


Responsiveness. We value our ministry relationships and consider every inquiry important and time sensitive.

  • Responsiveness matches each need to the circumstance with all available means.
  • Responsiveness is an individual and a team effort to fulfill every request and query.


Respect. We will love and serve all people with dignity and respect.

  • Each person has inherent worth.
  • Each person needs to know Jesus Christ.


Integrity. Integrity is foundational to our ministry and service.

  • We are accountable to those we serve and to each other.
  • Integrity guides all our interactions, strategies, and actions.


Efficiency. We value efficiency to maximize the use of time, resources, and energy by prioritizing, planning, preparing, implementing, and evaluating for the future to fulfill the Great Commission.


Cooperation. Cooperation is essential to significant kingdom impact.

  • We value the Cooperative Program as the primary means through which Arkansas Baptists fund missions in our state, our nation, and around the world.
  • We value partnerships with local associations, the North American Mission Board, the International Mission Board, LifeWay, and other ABSC and SBC agencies and institutions.


Quick Links

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The archives of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention are preserved at Ouachita Baptist University. For more information, please call 870-245-5332.