The Grind

A podcast about church planting strategies and missional strategies to make disciples of all nations. This podcast comes from the Church Planting Team of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Inspire On The Go with Andrea Lennon

Welcome to Inspire on the Go with Andrea Lennon! Enjoy a podcast featuring Bible teaching, leadership development, and stories of transformation. This podcast is designed for women longing to grow in their faith as well as women serving in the local church.

Lead Defend

Don’t simply defend your faith, be a leader! This podcast is designed to help students and young professionals grow in faith and leadership as they navigate the stages of young adulthood. We address important faith topics and provide practical life tips to help build your faith as you engage in a changing culture.

The Bridge

The Bridge is an urban church planting podcast by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, bringing missional strategy, encouragement and more to urban church planters both local and beyond. Each episode Neal and Chanson will focus on a relevant topic and explore applicable principles to help in the church planting journey.


Prism is a podcast of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention hosted by Evangelism Strategist Neal Scoggins. We pray Prism both informs and encourages church leaders, as we cover every area of church life, from assimilation to personal care, and everything in between. Regardless of your church's size, type, or location, Prism will be a guiding light for brighter churches everywhere.