Executive + Administrative

Executive + Administrative

The Executive and Administrative Team (EAT) directs the overall strategy for the ministries of the ABSC. The EAT insures that all of our efforts are focused on our mission: working with Arkansas Baptists to accomplish the Great Commission. Our ABSC Teams strive to make every person, dollar, and hour count towards that end.

Therefore, it is imperative that we do everything with purpose. We prayerfully developed 3 Essential Intents as a guide to focus our strategies and planning. While there are lots of good things that we could do, these essential areas are what we must do to reach our goals. This focus is reflected in every Team’s goals. The 3 Essential Intents mandate the ministries of the ABSC to …

  1. Revitalize churches.
  2. Focus our evangelism partnerships toward people that are unengaged, unreached, and underserved in access to the Gospel.
  3. Impact students from kindergarten to graduate school.


“The movement of God—that we say we want to see for people who do not know Jesus—is dependent on the lives of his people. There are no shortcuts for revival.”

Sam Roberts