Arkansas UPG Prayer Page

There are over 80 Unreached People Groups represented in Arkansas.  And according to the IMB, many of those have groups that are also unengaged with the Gospel.  Praying for “a door of faith” to be opened among them (Acts 14:27b) and for more laborers to be sent among them (Luke 10:2) is the first step of engagement. Any Southern Baptist Association or Church, mission group, Sunday School class, youth group, or other group may adopt one of the people groups featured below. We are asking you to make a long-term prayer commitment.


BROWSE --  You can research each people group name listed below by clicking the link on the people group name. 

ADOPT -- When you are ready to adopt a group:

1) It is VERY IMPORTANT that you write down the People Group Name of the group you wish to adopt.  

2) Fill out THIS FORM. We'll be in touch within a week. Thanks! 

3) You can begin praying for your group NOW:

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  • You can also use to find more information on your group


People Group Name Evangelism Status Primary Religion Population in Arkansas (estimated)

Adoption status
1 Group Adopted to date! 


Afghan UPG Islam 104  
Albanian (Gheg and Tosk) UPG Islam 34  
Alsatian, Germanic - France
UPG Islam/Catholic 13  
Arab, Egyptian
UPG Islam 887  
Arab, Iranian UPG Islam 450  
Arab, Iraqi UPG Islam 321  
Arab, Jordanian UPG Islam 898  
Arab, Kuwaiti UPG Islam 133  
Arab, Lebanese UPG Islam 816  
Arab, Moroccan UPG Islam 195  
Arab, Palestinian UPG Islam 476  
Arab, Saudi UPG Islam 1,011  
Arab, Syrian UPG Islam 624  
Arab, Yemeni UPG Islam 211  
Armenian UPG Orthodox 76  
Austrian UPG Catholic 179  
Basque UPG Catholic 273  
Belarussian UPG Catholic 156  
Bengali UPG Islam 998  
Bulgar UPG Orthodox


Cambodian (Mon-Khmer)  UPG Buddhism 674  
Cherokee Nation UPG Ethnix 7,306  
Chinese, Mandarin UPG Buddhism 5,351  
Chippewa Nation UPG Catholic 115  
Croat UPG Catholic 715  
Czech UPG Catholic 200  
Dakota, Sioux Nation UPG Ethnic 219  
Danish, Danes UPG Non-Religious 133  
Delaware Nation UPG Ethnic 86  
Dutch UPG Non-Religious 219  
Estonian UPG Orthodox 102  
Ethiopian UPG Orthodox 365  
Flemish UPG Catholic 74  
French UPG Cahtolic 4,387  
French Canadian (Quebecois) UPG Catholic 4,312  
Greek UPG Orthodox 188  
Greek Cypriot UPG Orthodox 8  
Gujarati UPG Hinduism/Islam 1,112  
Hindi UPG Hinduism 1,500  
Hungarian UPG   225  
Icelander UPG   368  
Indonesian UPG Islam 400  
Irish, Gaelic UPG Cathiolic 228  
Italian UPG Catholic 1,189  
Japanese UPG Ethnic/Shinto 2,602  
Jew, Israeli UPG Judaism 98  
Kazakh UPG Islam 93  
Lao UPG Buddhism 3,628  
Latvian UPG Non-Religious 128  
Lebanese, Druze (Arab) UPG Islam 55  
Lithuanian UPG Catholic 38  
Luxembourger UPG Non-Religious 44  
Macedonian UPG Orthodox 23  
Malaysian (Malay) UPG Islam/Buddhism 219  
Maltese UPG Catholic 52  
Marathi UPG Hinduism 500  
Moldovan UPG   15  
Navajo Nation UPG Ethnic 43  
Nepali UPG Hinduism 1,562  
Persian, Iranian UPG Islam 550  
Pole (Polish) UPG Catholic 796  
Punjabi UPG Sikh/Islam 1,000  
Russian UPG Orthodox 734  
Serb UPG   436  
Sinhalese, Sri Lankan UPG Hinduism 150  
Slovak UPG Catholic 813  
Slovene UPG   45  
Somali UPG Islam


South Asian Indian (other India foreign born) UPG Hinduism 4,571  
Swede UPG   105  
Swiss UPG   197  
Tajik UPG Hinduism 20  
Tamil UPG Hinduism 1,000  
Telegu UPG Hinduism 1,000  
Thai UPG Buddhism 1,180  
Turk UPG Non-/Islam 500  
Ukranian UPG   442  
Urdu UPG Islam 2,765  
Uzbek UPG Islam 144  ADOPTED
Vietnamese UPG Buddhism 5,206