Family Holiday Missions

November 4, 2016
Family Holiday Missions

The holidays draw near and people begin to think about their family coming together, exchanging Christmas gifts, or going on a vacation for Christmas. Some may reminisce about their favorite childhood Christmas and the gifts they received from Santa Claus. Churches decorate with garland and lights. Some churches focus on International Missions and the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. Along with a focus on International Missions, how are you living out a missions lifestyle during the holidays?

My favorite holiday was when my mother, two sisters, and I worked in a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve. We showed up knowing the task at hand, but it became more than just a task. This night was about showing God’s love to others. People were given food they would not necessarily receive during this time, and I spent quality time with a part of my family when I lived about 600 miles from my family.   

I challenge you and your family to participate in a mission project/lifestyle when you come together for Christmas.

Make these ideas your own:

  • Adopt a family who does not have the financial means for presents
  • Find a soup kitchen and assist preparing a holiday meal for other families
  • Deliver a holiday meal to a shut-in with no family
  • Adopt a person from a half-way house or nursing home to spend Christmas with
  • Carry baked goods to a hospital/dialysis unit on Christmas Eve
  • Help a single mother by offering to take the children out for an afternoon
  • Look around your community and see the needs of families and children


Charity Taylor is a member of the ABSC Missions Team.