Leading your church to pray ACTS 1:8 Style

July 6, 2016
Leading your church to pray ACTS 1:8 Style

One of the best ways to help members think about missions, give to missions, grow in their concern for the lost, and get involved, is to lead them to PRAY!  Church members, consider passing this on to your pastor!

Pastor, your pulpit prayer ministry is a vital part of the worship service.  Even when you pray, you are also a teacher.  And, when you model your prayers after scripture, you’re really on to something!  Enter…..ACTS 1:8! (But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” ESV)

Here’s a suggestion on how you can use ACTS 1:8 every month to lead your folks to pray and teach them to think and live ACTS 1:8:

  • First Sunday of the month: use your pulpit prayer time to lead your folks to pray for their “Jerusalem” – pray for needs in your town; pray for the lost in your town, ask the Lord to show you new ways to reach them; pray for the Lord to raise up faithful witnesses in your church, etc.
  • Second Sunday of the month: lead the congregation to pray for their Samaria.  Perhaps there is a church planter in Arkansas that you lead the church to partner with and pray for. Beyond prayer, that relationship could grow into your church sending a team once a year to do a backyard Bible club in that planter’s town, or help with a survey. Perhaps you include that church planter in your budget.  Start with prayer and see what the Lord does! The ABSC Church Planting Team regularly posts profiles of church planters the team works with, and the team would be glad to help you get connected:
  • Third Sunday of the month: Judea. Perhaps your church determines this is a church planter working in North America.  Many are looking for prayer partners, and more as the Lord leads.  Need help? Contact Bob Fielding for some ideas.
  • Fourth Sunday of the month: the end of the earth.  ANY size church can have an international partner!  There are lots of IMB missionaries that send out monthly newsletters – it would thrill one of them for your church to become a prayer partner and you lead your folks to pray for them every month.  Need help making a connection?  And, consider attending the eib4Him Summit on September 29-30, 2016. See

I believe that as you model mission praying for your folks month after month, the Lord is going to move on hearts. My prayer is that this turns into action. “Pastor, we’ve got to go and work with ……”  or “Pastor, I believe God is calling me to go.  Help me.”  May God receive all the glory!

Bob Fielding has served on the ABSC Missions team for 15 years, and helps churches in the areas of chaplaincy, North American Missions and International Missions.