MinistrySafe offering free resources to ABSC churches

December 6, 2019
MinistrySafe offering free resources to ABSC churches

The safety of children is a cause most everyone can get behind, but unfortunately, abuse involving minors is a very real problem in our world. Tragically, because they often have lax security measures in place, churches have become one of the most highly targeted environments by abusers. The Arkansas Baptist State Convention takes this issue very seriously, and that’s why we’ve partnered with an organization called MinistrySafe who’s mission is to minimize this risk.

MinistrySafe seeks to equip churches to protect minors through their 5-part Safety System. This system helps churches minimize their risk by implementing sexual abuse awareness training, a skillful screening process, targeted policies and procedures, background checks, and monitoring and oversight. MinistrySafe walks churches through the steps they need to take in implementing safeguards within their ministries, and they do this in a number of ways: online workshops, in-person training seminars, quizzing, and certifications. 

MinistrySafe has partnered with the ABSC to offer a free online training workshop that can be viewed at any time by church staff members at

This training will help you understand the risk within our churches and help guide your church in taking the necessary steps to safeguard minors within your care. The training will also help prepare you should you choose to seek MinistrySafe’s online certification, additional policy, and screening resources and move towards implementing the 5-part Safety System in your church.

Click here to access the free training videos now.

For more information, contact Emily Smith on the ABSC Evangelism & Church Health team at