Top 10 Reasons to Come to Inspire

I love a top ten list because it’s to the point. No extra words. Just the facts. As I think about Inspire 2023 and our theme of flourish,...

May 26, 2023
College + Young Leaders

My Calling

Part of the joy of working with college students is helping identify and disciple those feeling called to ministry! One of the best parts of my job is now seeing how our Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) graduates pour out their lives for the Gospel across the world. Below, I share how God called me and hope it can help others follow Jesus in the same way.     
May 25, 2023

8 Ways For Children & Families To Be On Mission During The Summer

The school year is winding down, and all the hustle and bustle around homework and extra-curricular activities will soon be set aside for...

May 18, 2023
College + Young Leaders

How Baptist Collegiate Ministry works

I will never forget September of 2005. Hurricane Katrina had just wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast. A few weeks later, during fall break, I joined a mission team to provide disaster relief through meals, mud-outs, and sharing the hope of the Gospel. I learned firsthand that Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) is the third-largest relief organization in the world. This understanding and experience gave me a greater appreciation for DR ministry and deepened my excitement for partnership opportunities. 
May 10, 2023
College + Young Leaders

Help Others See God

We live in a world where pain and loneliness lurk around every corner. Almost daily, I talk to people who long for hope and help. Life can be hard even for the most mature Christians. Think about how difficult it must be for others. Most people do not know the deep joy that comes from the love of God and his people. They often settle for heartbreaking substitutes (such as drugs) that make empty promises and leave people more desperate and broken than before.
May 3, 2023
College + Young Leaders

Preparing for graduation

Graduation is just around the corner! For university students, it will happen in a matter of weeks and for high school students, in about a month. Of course, there are minor details such as finals that have to be taken, but rarely do those keep students from achieving their dreams of graduating. After graduation, students experience a sense of freedom, but they also face the looming question of “What now?” 
April 18, 2023
College + Young Leaders

Calling out the Called

“It is urgent that denominations, networks and independent churches determine how to best motivate, mobilize, resource and deploy more young pastors,” said David Kinnaman, President of Barna Research, after a 2017 research study revealed the median age of pastors in America to be 55 years old.
April 11, 2023
Church Health

Ready to Start a Ministers’ Wives Fellowship Group in Your Area?

Across Arkansas, wives are connecting through fellowship groups in organic ways.
March 28, 2023
Executive + Administrative

Arkansas Baptist Life | March 2023

Read the second issue of Arkansas Baptist Life.
March 15, 2023
Church Health

Don't Be SORRY!

Use VBS as a game changer strategy in your Kids Ministry!
March 7, 2023
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