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What Makes or Breaks a Spring Break Mission Trip?

“You hear some students say to the other students, ‘Oh, Wow! You spent your time serving God. I spent mine at the beach.’ There’s something spiritual about knowing you have one week free from school, and you’re deciding to sacrifice free time to serve God.”
March 9, 2016
College + Young Leaders

Millennials: Authority OR Authenticity?

This generation wants leaders to inflame them to join something bigger than themselves–a movement, a cause–usually represented by a color.
February 10, 2016
College + Young Leaders

Engaging The Skeptical Culture

The man who wrote two online articles– “I Want to be a Zombie Ant” and “A Ray of Light: The Timeless Life of a Photon”– is also...

January 21, 2016
College + Young Leaders

5 Reasons College Students Should Serve on a Nehemiah Team

In college there are a thousand different endeavors, organizations and causes screaming in your ear to heed their warning, join their cause...

December 11, 2015
College + Young Leaders

A Personal Tribute To The Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Frank Dudley. That name probably means nothing to you if you live in Arkansas, but to an East Texas Baptist University junior transfer from...

August 11, 2015
College + Young Leaders

Pain In Paradise

When most people hear the word “Hawaii,” they picture beautiful beaches, tropical lands, amazing sunsets, and hula dances at a luau....

July 10, 2015
College + Young Leaders

Planning a Short-Term Mission Trip

Short-term mission trips can be valuable to both parties involved. With careful planning and with a right heart, both those on the field and those serving can have an impactful experience.
April 9, 2015
College + Young Leaders

Community Colleges: Difficult to Cultivate… Rich In Fruit

I remember several years ago when I was being interviewed to become the BCM Campus Minister at Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC)....

March 2, 2015
College + Young Leaders

Be Reconciled One to Another

The 66 books of the scriptures that God inspired 40 authors over 1500 years, in three different languages, on three different continents to...

December 26, 2014
College + Young Leaders

Breaking Through Barriers in Reaching the Lost on Campus

How do we get the Gospel to this generation of college students? What keeps followers of Christ from engaging the lost campuses of our...

December 10, 2014
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