Pastor Appreciation- Kid Style

August 5, 2015
Pastor Appreciation- Kid Style

October is pastor appreciation month and it’s a great time to connect the children in your church with your pastor and other staff. Here are some ways that children can show their appreciation:

1) Present the pastor with a collection of his favorite something. Have your class collect as many as possible of his favorite candy/beverage/gum and present it to him as a group.

2) Decorate his office with pictures from the children or if they are older, have them write words that describe him on post it notes and “decorate” his office with all the notes.

3) Make a video to show before/after a service or take a picture of your class that goes in a PowerPoint presentation with them holding a sign encouraging the pastor.  You could use the picture in your bulletin, church newsletter or local paper as well.

4) Have your class memorize scripture in his honor and plan a special time to share it with him. You could invite him to your class or surprise him during another time.

5) Do a project around his house…collect leaves, sweep his driveway, decorate the front porch for fall, take over a meal the children helped prepare.

6) Make a picture using handprints or fingerprints with each child labeled. Present it in a frame for his office.

Help children develop a relationship with your pastor and, if possible, plan a personal time for him to say thank you. This could be a time for him to share with younger children about what a pastor does. It could also be an opportunity for him to present the gospel to the older children.