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3 Steps to Begin Protecting Your Church

The biggest security mistakes can easily be avoided: do not assume security issues won't happen at your church or that you are already prepared. The best protection is to be proactive and begin preparing.
February 16, 2018
Church Health

Recap of Fall 2016 Church Revitalization Conferences

In recent weeks, team members led 3 associational Church Revitalization conferences that trained pastors and lay leaders on how to use “Design Guides” to develop ideas for greater ministry impact in issues related to church growth and health.
October 12, 2016
Church Health

Top 5 Reasons Churches End Up in Court

Unfortunately, many churches end up in court because they did not protect the children they had in their care. As churches reach the next generation, we must make sure they are safe while in the care of the church.
August 18, 2016