The Couple Checkup

May 24, 2021
The Couple Checkup
I’ve taken several trips to the emergency room in the middle of the night in the midst of a snow storm just to get one of our kids checked up because their symptoms indicated they needed immediate medical attention. In addition, I’ve taken them when they had other illnesses that required a doctor to check them out and prescribe some sort of medicine to help them get well. Most parents want the best for their kids and will do whatever it takes to see their kids healthy.
However, most couples spend so much time consumed with the health of their kids or jobs or hobbies or sports that the health of their marriage relationship often suffers. Unfortunately the signs of an unhealthy marriage relationship are difficult for most couples to diagnose and address on their own.
The Couple Checkup is a great inventory tool to help you in your relationship. There is a specific inventory for dating couples, engaged couples, and married couples. After answering a series of questions you receive a 19 page diagnosis report on your relationship along with a 32 page discussion guide as a prescription to help you work on the health of your relationship.
Following are some of the key areas all couples need to continually work on, and the Couple Checkup helps keep your relationship in check through the following areas:
Communication – Communication is the key to relationships. Learn how to practice assertiveness and active listening.
Conflict Resolution – Conflict is inevitable in relationships with other sinful people.  Learn a ten step process for dealing with conflict.
Financial Management – Finances are challenging for most families and especially in these days. Learn how to budget and make wise financial decisions.
Leisure Activities – Couples who play together stay together. Discover some ways you and your spouse can spend more leisure time together growing your relationship.
Sexual Relationship – Couples may not talk about it much yet it is an important part of your relationship. Learn how to have healthy discussion on this sensitive topic.
Family and Friends – No healthy couple is an island in themselves. Learn how to grow in healthy relationships with family and friends.
Spiritual Beliefs – Our spiritual beliefs form the core of who we are. Learn to dialogue about your spiritual beliefs and grow in your relationship with God.
Roles and Responsibilities – Men and women have different views about their roles.  Learn some healthy ways to discuss and develop your roles.
Children and Parenting – Children are truly a blessing but can be a strain on a marriage relationship. Learn how to develop a strategy for parenting your children.
Personality Differences – Men and women experience gender differences and see the gap widen with personality differences. Learn how to better understand and appreciate your spouse for whom God created them to be.
The Couple Checkup can be used by individual couples or even in a group setting like a Sunday School or marriage retreat and will improve the health of every couple who participates. Isn’t it about time you scheduled your next checkup and receive a prescription to improve the health of your most important relationship, the one with your spouse?