The Role of Staffers at Super Summer Arkansas

May 24, 2021
The Role of Staffers at Super Summer Arkansas

Super Summer Arkansas recruits staffers every year to be on the front lines of student camp ministry. Each staffer plays a vital role as they assist with camp preparation, bringing energy to the week, and investing directly into the lives of students.


For a staffer, camp begins two days before students arrive. These two days are necessary for the camp preparation but also for staffers to have camp leadership invest spiritually into their lives. During orientation, staffers are made aware of Super Summer Arkansas’ unique camp culture, encouraged in their spiritual walk with Jesus, and prepared for leading students in family groups and decision time. Staffers also take time to help physically prepare the campus of Ouachita Baptist University for Super Summer to take place. They prepare the recreation field, make signs, set up banners, and perform many other tasks in preparation for the arrival of students.


Super Summer Arkansas is dependent upon the energy and maturity of the great staffers who serve. Throughout the week of camp staffers will set the tone for their students. From the moment students arrive on campus, staffers are cheering, encouraging students, and creating excitement about Super Summer. Students feed off of this energy, which is essential for a fun filled camp experience. All week long, students watch their staffers and react with the same energy and focus as their leaders. Staffers set the tone both in the fun-filled moments and in the gravity of spiritual moments.


Super Summer Arkansas is known for impactful worship services, challenging lessons in the color schools, and wacky recreation; however, it can be argued that the most life-changing moments take place in the staffer-led family groups of ten to fifteen students. In these family groups, students open their lives before their group and their staffer to grow spiritually, to find encouragement, and to seek wisdom. This is the most important piece of the staffer role. Engaging students as they are wading through the application of all that has been taught at camp. Throughout the week, staffers also walk alongside students as they respond to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Staffers encourage students as they come to Jesus Christ for salvation, repent of the things of the world, and experience a call to ministry.


Every year lives are forever changed, and the staffers of Super Summer Arkansas are vital to the camp experience. God uses staffers. Super Summer is thankful for their time, energy, and passion for pouring into the next generation.



The role of staffer is for persons at least one year removed from high school, under the age of twenty-six, and have gone through the Super Summer staffing process. Anyone desiring to staff who meets the first two criteria may apply for the staffer process at