Spring Outreach Strategy – Big Day

Spring Outreach Strategy – Big Day

Many families in your community that normally do not attend church will consider going to church on a big day, including Easter. Consider how your church can maximize Easter on March 31st to reach out to the unchurched in your community.


1. Prayer
The first and most important element in getting ready for the Big Day is prayer.
Ways to lead congregation to pray:
☑️ Members develop a list of unchurched family, friends, and acquaintances. This list can also be used to intentionally invite people to Easter services.
☑️ Plan evangelistic prayer emphases, including focused prayer in Sunday morning services prior to Easter.
☑️ Prayer walk the community.

2. Inviting
According to Thom Rainer, 82 percent of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to attend church if invited.
Ways to invite guests:
☑️ Social media
☑️ Mass mailer
☑️ Personal invitation
☑️ Door hangers
Easter Invitation Flyer Sample - (email Miracle,, if your church would like a PDF of the flyer with your church information for Easter service)

3. Guests
Nelson Searcy says first-time guests decide in the first seven minutes whether or not they will return. 
Elements of a good first impression:
☑️ Quality online presence. Your church website is now the front door to the church, as guests often visit the website prior to attending a service. Include information about your Big Day on the site.
8 Things I would Look for on a church Website if I Were Looking fora Church Home
☑️ Warm greeting
☑️ Welcoming environment
Foundations for a Great Visit
Tips for Guest-Readiness

4. Worship Service
The focus of the Big Day is the worship service. 
Elements of the service that need careful planning:
☑️ Welcome
☑️ Offering
☑️ Clear Gospel presentation
☑️ Invitation
Giving an effective invitation
Sample Guest Registration Card
Sample Guest Registration and Response Card

5. Follow-up
Billy Graham says 95 percent of an effective evangelistic campaign is follow-up.
Follow-up considerations:
☑️ Within 48 hours
☑️ Personal contact
☑️ Encouraging, positive, and informative