Spring Outreach Strategy – Statewide Baptism Sunday

Spring Outreach Strategy – Statewide Baptism Sunday

Churches are invited to mark April 7, 2024, the Sunday after Easter, as a day of celebrating decisions made through Serve Local and Big Day.

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At the venue where an individual makes a salvation decision, a counselor should confirm that he/she understands their decision. If the individual displays a clear understanding, the counselor should explain the next step of baptism and offer this opportunity. The counselor can then indicate on a decision card whether or not the individual is interested in being baptized.

It is probable that a decision was indicated on a response card on Easter or at a Serve Local event, so the next contact will be during the follow-up process. This is another reason for follow-up to begin quickly after an opportunity is given to respond to the Gospel.

Once an individual indicates that they are interested in being baptized, complete these next steps to follow-up with them.

1. The person receives a personal phone call from the pastor or other pastoral staff member congratulating them on what God has done in their life and inviting them to take the next step of baptism.
2. Be ready to discuss their decision.
3. Make sure to secure parental consent for any students under 18.
4. Share with them that baptism is scheduled for April 7.
5. Have a checklist ready to discuss with them what they will need to bring on the day that they are baptized. Also include the time to arrive and where to meet. To ensure understanding, send this information via text, email, or letter after the conversation. If the individual is a minor, send the information to the parent.

If your church includes a testimony for those being baptized, assist the person in composing their story. If someone else reads the testimony, help the individual identify that person from the congregation. A few elements to consider including in your story include:

- How did you become a Christian?
- Was there a person who was instrumental in your decision to accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?
- What led you to the decision to be baptized today?

Many churches include family members and key influencers participate in the baptism experience by having them stand at a particular time in the service. Some of those being baptized may not have family members attend, so prepare for this moment by having others in the church stand in support. These may include the person who led them to Christ, someone who participated in the follow-up process, and those part of a Sunday School class or small group that has reached out.