IMB Mission College Tracks

2022 IMB Mission College Tracks
FBC Russellville
February 28, 2022 through March 2, 2022

TRACKS (7) Each participant will choose one track (7.5 hours of training over 2 days). 

Missions Scope (max. 60) - Members of mission teams will want to begin with this track. Experienced field missionaries will guide you in the basics of the missionary task: understanding culture, cross-cultural evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership development, and transition when the task is done. Practical topics and tools will be discussed, along with opportunities to apply learning to specific peoples and places.  

Foundations for Mission (max. 60) – This track is designed specifically for pastors and church leaders to provide structure and space to begin or continue to plot a course from where your church is in its missional formation to where you would like to be. We will partner together to help engage, inspire, and equip you with a biblical understanding of God’s mission as presented in the IMB’s Foundations document. We will also consider your church’s strategy and identify next steps for developing a culture of sending that results in meaningful support and personal involvement in international missions.  

Displaced Peoples (max. 30) - The peoples of the world are on the move, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. Will we take the gospel to them? In this track we will take a closer look at how to minister to displaced peoples or migrants by considering how to help them with both their physical and spiritual needs. We will discuss healthy and effective ways for your church to get involved.  

Cross-Cultural Connections: From Good Intentions to Good Missions (max. 30) – The people we are trying to reach have radically different perspectives on the world. Learn about worldview analysis, cross-cultural communication, mapping for missions, and examination of cultural values, with special attention to the art of ethnographic conversations—all to help you connect to people of other cultures with insightful and appropriate ministries.   

Storytelling and Gospel (max. 30) - A good story captures one’s attention, entertains, and often touches the deep emotions of the heart. The gospel is the greatest story. As the narrative of Jesus brings hope and life, it must be told in a way that people hear and understand. Explore ways to effectively communicate God’s Word using Bible Storying. Through interactive sessions, you will hear, see, and learn field-tested methods for evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.  

Global Cities (max.  30) – How can your church be involved in the missionary task in a global city? In this track you will learn how to break down the complexity of the city in order to reach a specific population segment. This will include how to research a city segment, how to understand your people, and how to build relationships with national partners. You will return home with a critical path plan to reach the masses of people living without hope in a global city.   

Sending Students to Serve (max.  20)– This track is designed for church leaders who want to effectively mobilize and equip high school and university students to serve cross-culturally. Topics will include: holistic student ministry that promotes missions, challenging students to go, selecting appropriate projects, screening candidates, safety concerns and risk management, as well as pre-trip training and re-entry to the home culture. Experienced missionaries and student ministry leaders will guide you to develop your own plan for mobilizing the next generation to obey the great commission.