Is the Lord calling you to be a chaplain?

Some chaplains in Arkansas get paid for their work.  Most are volunteers.  Some chaplains are men. Some are women. Some ride in police cars, some serve in prisons, some visit dying patients.  Some are ordained ministers, many are not.

All Chaplains have a calling and are gifted by the Lord to meet a need. 

Almost all chaplains serve in organizations and institutions by the authority and permission of those in leadership or management positions. Almost all chaplains serve in multiethnic and religiously diverse environments where their offerings of love and concern become a powerful witness of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Chaplains thrive on a “ministry of presence” by going to workplaces and relating to people on the job, talking in their language and walking where they walk. They go out into the world and develop meaningful relationships that provide pathways for the Gospel to be shared with those who are unlikely to find it in any other way.

Varieties of Chaplaincy Ministry

  • Business/Industrial Chaplains
  • Certified Religious Assistant (Prison) Chaplains
  • Chaplains for the Developmentally Disabled
  • Community Chaplains
  • Disaster Relief Chaplains
  • Ex-offender/Recovery Chaplains
  • Fire Department Chaplains
  • Hospice Chaplains
  • Hospital Chaplains
  • Jail Chaplains
  • Law Enforcement Chaplains
  • Military Chaplains
  • Nursing Home Chaplains
  • Prison Chaplains
  • Rehabilitation Chaplains
  • Trucker Chaplains