Hunger Ministry

Arkansas Baptist churches have a desire to serve those in need in their local community. One of the most prevalent needs in Arkasnas communities is hunger, or food insecurity. According ot the Arkansas Food Bank:

  • 23.6% of Arkansas children have limited access to adequate food
  • 1 in 5 Arkansans struggle to provide enough food for their family
  • Arkansas ranks 2nd in the nations for food insecurity
  • 17.3% of Arkansans are facing hunger.

An effective ministry that many Arkasnas Baptist churches use to meet hunger needs and share Jesus with their communities is a food pantry. The ABSC Missions Team can assist your church to develop a hunger ministry strategy, establish a food pantry, or provide more food and services for an existing hunger ministry. 

In addition to food pantries, multiple opportunities for meeting hunger needs are available for the local church: feeding stations, soup kitchen, summer feeding ministry for children, backpack ministies, delivering meals to seniors and homebound, and providing holiday meals. Many churches offer other services along with their hunger ministries. financial counseling, survival skills training, job hunting skills, are just a few of the many ways that churches are reaching their community. The ABSC Missions Team can assist churches with resources and training for many of these services. We can also provide evangelism and follow-up training for your hunger ministry volunteers or the entire church. 

Hunger needs are prevalent throughout Arkansas. Any churches of any size can have an effective hunger ministry where needs are met and the gospel is shared in their community. 

Click here for Hunger Ministry Site contact information.