Partnership Missions

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention Missions Team stands ready to help your association or church develop and carry out a strategy of missions involvement.  We'll help you make connections with chuch planters and missionaries anywhere in the world. In addition, we have relationships with the partnership opportunities below.

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We welcome the opportunity of connecting churches in significant mission partnerships that impact lostness in Arkansas. If you are interested in doing construction ministry in Arkansas, or you need a construction team, click HERE.  All others, read on! 

North America



  **Click the graphic above for the SEND Detroit page
  **Also check out these planters who have recently been to Arkansas: 
  Pastor Tito Diaz of Rhiza Church, Ann Arbor
  SEND City Missionary Wayne Parker 



 **Click the graphic above for the SEND South Florida page
  **Also check out these planters who have recently been to Arkansas: 
  Trevor Doles - Faith Church Miami
  Miguel Estevill - Christ in Us Church, Miami (web site in Spanish)
  Carlos Lollett - Reality Church, Miami
  Daniel Naberezhny - International Bible Church/Slavic Church, Boca Raton, FL
  SEND City Missionarty Tim Wolfe


IMB American Peoples Affinity - covering the western hemisphere from Mexico to the southern tip of South America.  Many of these can be "one time" opportuntiies, and most can be developed into ongoing partnerships.  

     *Americas Connect: An entry-level opportunity for churches to serve in the Americas. The experience includes interactive pre-trip and on-the-ground training as well as hands-on opportunities to share the gospel and minister cross-culturally. Americas Connect is designed to help Southern Baptists move toward deeper missions' engagement in the Americas and beyond.

     *Mexican border - Gospel work on both sides of the USA/Mexico border, based on different ministries meeting needs.
     *Amazon Trails – in Brazil. Jungle expedition tourism meets gospel-carrying teams! Under the beautiful, lush, jungle canopy spreads a blanket of darkness in which roams a spirit of death. The name of Jesus has not yet been proclaimed here. Join the Northwest Amazonas Team through the jungle tourism business, Amazon Trails, to help bring the Gospel to some of the darkest places in the Americas. We are looking for people willing to do whatever it takes to contact, engage, and share the gospel with unreached and unengaged people groups (UUPGs), plant churches, and equip indigenous believers to reach other UUPGs in remote river communities. Is God calling you to respond to this need?

     *Global Cities Opportunties

-Lima, Peru – work with local church planters and local churches to plant more churches. The USA church would work with a local church to plant another church.  

-Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Urban center ministry to 15 million people. You would work with university students, middle and upper class people, or a specific neighborhood (regardless of class). These are all difficult folks to reach.    The issue is to reach believers in the apartment complexes and train them to share the gospel with their neighbors.  

-Santiago, Chile - Great need for ministry to the upper class.  Also, there are several small mission churches in rural settings outside the city that need help.  (They want help with English classes in the schools, bring American songs, American games, etc, as these help get a foot in the door.)  Also hoping for some health professionals to comes.  Sports clinics are a great way to share the gospel in neighborhoods. Teams as small as one, and larger teams. (four to eight, optimally)  


  1. Bento Goncalves, Brazil: We are looking of a team to work with local churches doing sports camps and community outreach outreach. This team will also have the opportunity to speak in schools about USA culture. 
  2. Sao Marcos, Brazil: We are looking for a team to help with a local church plant in the city of Sao Marcos to do evangelism, sports and help spread the word about the work in the community. We will also do a USA culture fair. 
  3. Rural NE Brazil – looking for folks to come and teach seminary-intensive type classes.  Leadership, discipleship biblical anthropology, History of missions. (Could lead to partnerships).  There are 15 men in the current class. This can look like 2-day to 3-days of all day training, or, three hours for five days.  Some USA pastors have come, and their wives come and do something for the pastors wives -  Love on them, teach them how to disciple women, etc.  

If you need more information please fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.