Prayerwalking Ministry

PRAYERWALKING has been defined as praying onsite with insight, and it is a very important first contact of the church with its community.  Taking this resource of God’s power seriously, the body of Christ can affect the attitudes and receptivity of the people to the claims of the gospel.  In a manner of speaking it plows the ground to get it ready for the seeds to be sown.  For a scripture base, consider God’s instructions at Jericho, when He instructed the Hebrews to march around the city seven days, and then watch His power accomplish the task He had purposed.

In brief, the church can map out its community, enlisting its members to go out two by two and cover assigned areas, training them to become aware of the clues which can reveal the people and their needs by the character of their homes, i.e., the presence of toys, recreation vehicles, condition of the property, chair ramps, etc. Using these “insights” prayer can be more directed, even before contact is made with the residents. An added benefit in prayerwalking is the practice of prayer in the life of the believer who marches around his own Jericho.