Pregnancy Care Centers

Every 23 seconds an abortion is performed worldwide. Pregnancy care centers in Arkansas are diligently working to change that statistic. The Arkansas Baptist State Convention partners in three different avenues with pregnancy care centers so that together we can make a difference.  

Perhaps the most important partnership is through prayer. Recently a center was in need of an ultra sound machine but had not yet received all the monies needed. When an expectant mother considering abortion has the opportunity to have an ultra sound, the chances of her choosing life increases considerably.  The live pictures of a baby moving, sucking its thumb, and smiling speaks more than any number of words could ever say. A group gathered to prayer walk around the facility and pray for funds for the machine. Before the prayer walk ended a donation came in that not only met but surpassed the need. In the years to come, the lives saved will be immeasurable because God answered the prayers of a few women responding to a prayer request sent out by the ABSC pregnancy care coordinator.

In addition, the ABSC partners with pregnancy care centers financially. Dollars given are used to purchase baby food, diapers, pay staff, and purchase evangelistic materials. A mother who walked into a clinic for the purpose of obtaining baby food left the clinic in a relationship with Jesus Christ. The more a client walks through the doors of the clinic the more the client has the opportunity to experience God’s love. Without needed supplies the number of visits decreases. Because of the financial partnership with pregnancy care centers supplies can be purchased giving an opportunity for the gospel to be shared.

The ABSC also partners with pregnancy care centers through training. Center directors, volunteers, and board members are required by law to receive training throughout the year. The ABSC assists by providing the venue, meals, and staff for some of these meetings to take place.  Recently at a training on using mobile clinics, a center felt led to begin the process of becoming mobile. Because of that decision women in Arkansas and Oklahoma will have the opportunity to walk into a mobile clinic and receive the care, compassion, and counseling that can only be provided by a believer.

Praying, giving, and training matter. Together we are changing the statistics so that one-day it will no longer be an abortion performed every 23 seconds; instead it will be a life saved every 23 seconds. Thank you Arkansas Baptists for making a difference!