New Faith Baptist Church


West Helena, AR


Izah Broadus

While he was born in a small town, his heart is kingdom sized. Izah Broadus was born in the small town of Lakeview, Arkansas where he learned the value of family and the value of the Gospel. Because of his soft-spoken demeanor and compassionate heart he has been able to capture the attention of various groups of young people in both secular and sacred environments. As he has served in various behavioral health systems he has gained the ability to communicate to those that are burdened and overwhelmed. His calling is to be everything that God has called him to be & where God wants him to be. Following his heart and remembering his roots, his eyes are pointed back to the Delta to launch a church to quietly drop seeds of strength to the weak and oppressed. Izah is not only quiet and calm but a visionary and compassionate, ready to share the love of Christ to everyone he sees.

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