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Growing In Jesus: Courtney Beck and Deeper Still

In this episode, Andrea Lennon talks with Courtney Beck of Deeper Still, which is this year's ministry project at Inspire. Deeper Still helps those who have had an abortion in their past experience emotional freedom and the forgiveness of Christ. Courtney goes into her work with Deeper Still and the impact this ministry is having on the state of Arkansas. You can read Courtney's bio. below:

Jesus began healing my broken heart and spirit of a past abortion decision in 2013 when I attended a healing retreat hosted by a local pregnancy care center. That weekend changed my perspective and direction in life and solidified my belief in Jesus Christ. I then learned about Deeper Still and had a desire to serve in the ministry. Prior to serving with the Arkansas chapter, I attended my own Deeper Still retreat in 2018 where my healing and relationship with Jesus truly went deeper. It is my desire for all women and men wounded by an abortion decision to find their healing in Jesus Christ and to be set free from the prison of shame.

As a wife, mom, daughter, friend and sister in Christ to many, I believe my life is a testament to this truth; the
truth that Jesus heals, forgives and brings new life.

The Arkansas chapter seeks to serve the entire state of Arkansas and hosts retreats in various locations throughout the year. The Arkansas team members are well trained and honored to walk with you through your healing weekend. You will be welcomed with Southern hospitality and warm hearts.

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