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Growing In Jesus: Connection Group Time from Inspire

In this episode, Andrea Lennon replicates what took place in the Connection Group Time at Arkansas Baptist Inspire. You can utilize this content in your ministry by incorporating the following questions and directives:

  1. Share your name and where you are from. Open your photo app on your phone and share a meaningful picture from 2023.  
  2. Share about an area of life that represents a challenging season, a lesson you are learning, or spiritual fruit being developed in your life.
  3. How is God using you to serve in this season of life, and how does that help you to flourish?
  4. What step of faith or obedience do you need to take so you can flourish? (This step may make you uncomfortable because you have to rely on God’s strengths!)      
  5. Close by praying for the women in your group.

We can't wait to see you at next year's Arkansas Baptist Women Conference. You can learn more about Conference here.