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Inspire Breakouts: Fearing God in a proper way - Shelly Chandler

Inspire Women's Conference is bringing the breakout sessions to the Inspire On The Go Podcast!


In this episode, we hear from one of our friends, Shelly Chandler! Some may know her, but for those who don't, Shelly is an Inspire Coordinator as well as Women's Ministry Director at her local church in Conway, Arkansas. She's also Network Ministry Leader for Central Arkansas. She's married to Michael Chandler and has 3 boys, so you know she knows the hectic lifestyle.

Shelly dives into fear and how it's presented to us in the Bible by God. Did you know that the phrase 'fear not' or something similar to that is in the Bible 365 times?  It's serious business for God, and Shelly dives into Romans 8:15 and Matthew 8:26 to teach us what that phrase should mean to us and how we can use it to fear God in the way he intended. 


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