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Focusing on God leads to God-sized Moments - Andrea Lennon

Welcome to episode 4 on Trusting God! Each week I am learning more and more about Abram, Lot, God, and myself. Our world faces many of the same circumstances that Abram and Lot faced. We live in an unpredictable time, yet God is calling us to live by faith.


Our time on earth as believers in Jesus Christ falls into the following categories:

  • Salvation: Coming to faith in Christ.
  • Sanctification: Growing in our love relationship with Christ.
  • Glorification: Going home to be with Christ.


As we focus on our purpose, Jesus is always at the center of our lives. In today’s passage, Lot was in big trouble. He had settled in the Plain of Jordan and got caught up in the ways of the world. The outcome was being captured by another king. Can you relate to Lot’s situation? Have you been distracted and, as a result, been caught up in someone else's battle? To me, this is the very definition of a scattered life. A life that is pushed and pulled by the circumstances going on around us. A life that is driven by the world and the ways of the world.


Meanwhile, Abram was in the place of rich communion with God at the trees of Mamre. Abram was living his life focused on God. Let’s pick up the story and see what we can learn about living a life focused on God as we put our trust in Him.


Key Points from Genesis 14:13-24

  1. Preparation Proceeds Blessing: (Vs. 13-16) Abram was prepared for war long before he went to war. Part of being God’s chosen people is knowing the enemy will attack. Abram took tangible steps to be ready for the day of battle. He formed strong alliances with people he trusted, and he trained his men for the day of battle. For us, the same approach helps us know how to prepare so we can live with focus.
    • Community: Who are the people you trust? Who speaks truth into your life? Who can you rely on during the battle?
    • Commitment: How do you train for the day of battle? What does it look like to put on the full armor of God so you can take your stand? (Ephesians 6:10-18)
      • Belt of Truth
      • Breastplate of Righteousness
      • Gospel Shoes
      • Shield of Faith
      • Helmet of Salvation
      • Sword of the Spirit
      • Prayer
  1. Preparation Leads to Protection: (Vs. 17) God was with Abram. Abram defeated the King of Kedorlaomer and all who were allied with him. God honored Abram. This led to a meeting with the King of Sodom, who came out to meet Abram. The King of Sodom was going to tempt Abram to enter into a relationship with him, but God was making a way. Because Abram had been focused on God, Abram was ready.
  2. Preparation Results in a Clear Focus: (Vs. 18-20) Something significant happened in verses 18-20. The King of Salem came out to meet Abram. The origin of this King is debated. Some believe this is a pre-incarnate sighting of Jesus. (Also known as a theophany.) Others believe this is a King who represented Jesus. Either way, Abram had a God encounter that teaches us where to place our focus during the battle.
    • Bread: The body of Christ (Broken)
    • Wine: The blood of Christ (Poured out)


The message the King of Salem delivered was clear: Abram was blessed by God, and God alone delivered Abram. What a beautiful protection God extended to Abram. Lest Abram thought he was strong or good or capable or able, God planted truth firmly in Abram's heart through a blessing. “Your victory is in Me. I will always be the One who delivers you.” (paraphrase of Genesis 14:19-20)


Abram worshiped God by giving the King of Salem a tenth of his possessions. When we give to God, we communicate two things. Everything we have comes from God, and we trust God to supply our needs. In a world that says, “Store up and collect.” God says, “Trust me to provide.” We worship God by giving sacrificially to God even when we are unsure of our future.


  1. Preparation Builds our Resolve to Live for God: (Vs. 21-24) The King of Sodom reentered the picture and tried to strike up a deal with Abram. Since Abram’s victory led to possessions of people and goods, the King of Sodom suggested, “You keep the goods from the war, and you give me the people.” Because Abram was focused on God and had been in the place of worship, he was prepared for this moment. Abram did not compromise. He did not take his eyes off of God. Abram did not fall into the trap. Instead, Abram trusted God by positioning his life and legacy to be built for God and by God. Abram removed any other path that could lead to self-sufficiency or questioning who really made the way for Abram and God’s chosen people. This is the very picture of Salvation… Sanctification…Glorification



Transforming Truth: Focusing on God leads to God-sized Moments. Where is your focus during the battle? You can be battle-ready by focusing on two important steps: Building a God-honoring community and commitment to preparing for the day of battle?


I love you, and I am so glad to fight with you and for you for God’s glory in your life!