The Pastor's Pulpit Prayer Ministry - Missionize!

\ ˈmi-shə-ˌnīz \  - verb
: to carry on mission work


COVID has put a temporary dent in our mission trips, but it can't stop us from keeping missions before our folks!  Here's a possible tool for you: MISSIONIZE your pulpit prayer time

This is actually the last paragraph of this piece, but I am putting it HERE so you'll see it first:      >>>>>Brother, YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PLATE TO SPIN!!<<<<<  There are lots of ways to accomplish this without you having another box to check.  It is very likely that the Lord has placed someone in your church to handle receiving the prayer requests for you!   That person can share a distilled version with you in time for the appropriate Sunday.  Many planters use social media or email to share prayer requests.  You may even use this as a way to train members to pray aloud, by letting THEM come up and pray.    We can help you form prayer and mission partnerships in Arkansas, our nation and the world! 

You can use your own missions partnerships to create this stategy. Or you can check out for ideas and examples of your Acts 1:8 impact through the Cooperative Program.  

Here's the plan: 

First Sunday of the month - add to your regular pulpit prayer time: prayer for your church's and your association's local evangelism and discipleship efforts.  

Second Sunday of the month - pray for an Arkansas church planter you prayer-partner with.  Perhaps you'll commit to the same planter for two or three years. You can start as a prayer-only partnership, and then, as the Lord leads, you could help with VBS or other projects. You could even send a team over to prayer-drive the town!  Email Bob Fielding, address below, for help in connecting with an Arkansas planter.

Third Sunday of the month- add to your pulpit prayer time prayer for a church planter outside Arkansas.  Same arrangements as noted. Partner for a few years for prayer. If more then prayer comes out of it, then go for it!      

See a list of church planters in North America who are looking for prayer partners. The same list will help you with "Third Sunday" : 

Fourth Sunday of the month - adopt an Unreached People Group and/or an IMB Missionary.  

  • The people group adoption page for unreached groups in SOUTH ASIA is here:  /south-asia-uupg-adoption   
  • The people group adoption page for unreached groups in SOUTHEAST Asia is here:
  • If want to connect with an IMB Missionary, we can help make that happen.  Nothing wrong with adopting a missionary AND a people group. 

Now, re-read the paragraph that really goes here!!  

Thank you, pastor! 

Bob Fielding
ABSC Missions Team 
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