2020 Annual Report

With the modification to the 2020 Pastors' Conference and Annual Meeting, we want to make sure you stay connected and know what's happening. The 2020 Annual Report provides information from each of the ABSC teams, agencies and insitiutions as well as reports from several SBC entities. You'll find a full replay of the executive board meeting from October 20th, individual reports from each team, agency, and institution, and a PDF of the digital Annual Report

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Letter from Executive Director, Dr. J.D. "Sonny" Tucker

This year has really been a year like no other. You are likely getting tired of hearing that, but it rings true as it pertains to the Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. Through the long history of our Convention, this meeting has only been canceled, changed, or modified a small number of times for extreme circumstances. While I will greatly miss the chance to gather as a family for the 2020 Annual Meeting, modifying the meeting was the right decision. I give a sincere thank you to Manley Beasley Jr., our Convention President and Doug Falknor, our Executive Board President, for serving during this unique time and operating in great wisdom.


I will miss the time this year that we as Arkansas Baptists get to connect with one another. I will miss the meaningful worship and encouraging messages we hear at the Pastors’ Conference and the Annual Meeting. I will miss the momentum and energy that we leave with each year. I will miss the privilege of hearing of all the great ministry work that comes from the teams, agencies, institutions, and ministry partners from around the state and beyond.


Despite the unusual circumstances one thing has remained true - Arkansas Baptists’ commitment to cooperative missions. Through missions giving and engagement, Arkansas Baptists have stood together to voice their desire to see Cooperative Program mission work continue across Arkansas, the United States, and the world. I am honored to tell you that we closed the month of September with Cooperative Program giving at 101% of anticipated budget, year to date. Additionally, churches across the state are continuing to give and participate in the Dixie Jackson Arkansas missions offering. The work  this offering funds is vital to our state and ensures that we work together to advance the gospel and impact lostness in Arkansas.


Arkansas Baptists, I wish I could say that things will return to normal soon. I do not know what the future holds with COVID-19 and other circumstances, but I do know this - we serve an incredible and faithful God. I applaud you for being flexible and doing what must be done to advance the Gospel. I thank you for the work you have done this year, the missions work you have supported, and your desire to impact lostness. Arkansas Baptists, you are the best folks in the world!


-J.D. "Sonny" Tucker


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