5 Ways Women's Ministry Groups Can Bless the Lives of Missionaries

Leading well requires that we take time to recognize and meet the needs of others. This process requires us to be intentional in the way that we lead. Women’s ministry groups have the opportunity to encourage missionaries who are serving in key cities throughout the United States.

While it does require a little bit of planning and effort, the result of communicating with and being thoughtful of missionaries is so exciting! The missionaries experience the love and support of God’s family, and the women’s ministry group is challenged to think beyond the walls of their church.   

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Here are a few ways that your women’s ministry group can be a blessing to missionaries as they serve the Lord: 

1. Discover fun treats. Google the city where the family is serving and research local spots that are popular. Purchase gift certificates to these places and mail the certificates as well as some fun facts about the local spots that you discovered. Let the family know that you have done your research—that you know about them and the place where they are serving. 

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