Arkansas Master'Singers Memorial Scholarship


Master’Singers Memorial Scholarship Applicant,


Here you will find a description of the Arkansas Master’Singers Memorial Scholarship Fund sponsored by The Arkansas Master’Singers. We are pleased to announce that the amount to be awarded for the 2023-2024 school year will be $1,000.  Scholarship recipients will also have the potential to renew that award annually, for up to three additional and successive academic years, for a total award of $4,000.


The Master’Singers Memorial Scholarship is designed to support students who are preparing for some type of vocational ministry through music. The scholarship is named in memory of deceased members of the Arkansas Master’Singers. The principal funds, which serve as a foundation for the scholarship, are received in the form of memorial gifts and freewill offerings at concerts presented annually by the Arkansas Master’Singers.


There are 3 parts to this Application Process: 


The Scholarship Process and Guidelines page (downloadable document below).

The Scholarship Application/Personal Statement Form, which can be completed online, click here.

The Scholarship Recommendation Questionnaire Form (to be filled out confidentially online by three recommenders- a staff member of your church, a music teacher (present or former), and a member of your church (not a family member.) You can direct them to the Recommendation Questionnaire Form here. 



Should you have questions about the scholarship process, guidelines or application, please feel free to call or email me.


Jim Daniel

1.800.838.2272 ext. 5121