Children's Missions Discipleship: Missions Offering and Promotion

Each Arkansas Baptist church receives a packet/box of special missions offering materials some two to three months before the emphasis month. The number of materials received is based on the worship attendance reported on the Annual Church Profile (ACP). The week of prayer materials for each special offering contain missions studies available for adults, students, children and preschool. By teaching these age-level studies, your church can make a personal connection with and become advocates for the ministries these offerings support. Being passionate about these ministries can motivate others to participate and share about what God is accomplishing.

Here are some ways to help children participate in promoting the special missions offerings:

  • Lead your children through the designated mission study.
  • Engage your children in giving to the offerings. Set a goal and find creative or competitive ways to reach it.
  • Encourage your children to become advocates for the offerings. Use children to challenge others inyour church to get involved in giving to and praying for the missions offerings.
  • Take time to lead your children in prayer for the special offerings, the missionaries who will use it, and the lives of those who will be impacted by it.
  • Go. Plan and participate in a missions/ministry project related to the missions offerings.