Children's Missions Discipleship: Monthly/Quarterly Mission Ideas 2

Missions discipleship can be done monthly or quarterly during a regular program time for your church (usually Wednesdays or Sunday morning/evenings) or during unscheduled church hours (weeknight, Saturday, Sunday afternoon, etc). The time frame will usually be 1-3 hours (to include time for hands-on missions). This time can include learning about missions while actively participating in a missions action/witnessing project. If you plan to take the monthly/quarterly approach, try to include as many of the missions components as you can in each lesson. Be sure to include all of the components during the course of the year.

Examples of monthly and quarterly topics include:

  • A study of specific people groups and their needs
  • A North American missionary story
  • Annie Armstrong mission offering and study
  • Adopting and learning about a specific missionary, their family, and ministry
  • A ministry within your community or state
  • Dixie Jackson Arkansas State Mission offering and study
  • International Mission offering and study
  • Learning about a social justice issue and how the church can make a difference in lives being affected by the injustice
  • Learning about and supporting the Cooperative Program