Church Planting Digital Prayer Cards

When we started printing prayer cards for Arkansas Baptist church planters for the ABSC Annual Meeting, several people requested a digital version of this resource to enable individuals and churches the opportunity to use them throughout the year. We now will have those prayer cards listed here. Each prayer card has the name of the planter and their church plant, as well as a picture of them and their family. There are birthdays and anniversaries listed, plus prayer requests, serving opportunities, and contact information.

Our hope is that you and your church would use these prayer cards intentionally to pray for Arkansas Baptist church planters. Here are some additional ways you can use this prayer resource: 

  • Encourage church planting families by sending a text or email. 
  • Call church planting couples to wish them a Happy Birthday or specifically tell them that you are praying for them. 
  • Connect your church with planters around the state (both those nearby and across the state). 
  • Follow church planters on social media to see the ministry they are doing, and see more ways you can pray for them and partner with them. 
  • Take a short mission trip over the weekend, spring break, and during the summer to help with projects that church plants can't always do on their own.
  • Collect food and items for food bags or help distribute invites right before Easter and more. 

These are just some of the many ways you can be involved. Every church plant is different and has various needs, and you and your church can be a part of that by praying and serving!

These prayer cards can be used in many ways such as printing them off front and back, putting them up on a slide on Sundays, Wednesdays, or other days you have a gathering, as well as using them on social media. We have used TC Print in North Little Rock to print physical copies of these, so please contact them if you want professional copies. They are 4x6 if you decide to print them yourself. Each planter will have a separate PDF file below where you can click and download that specific file. If you are looking for a specific plant in a specific city, go to our Church Planting Locations Map to have a better view of where each of our plants are located. If you want to use all of them, go for it! If you are a sending church or partner church and want to use just your specific planter card, then that's great too! These prayer cards are for YOU to do with however you would like. We would love to see how you are using them, so don't forget to let us know how they are helping you and your church. If you have any questions or want to get more involved with church planting, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. 

Aaron Johnson    Ahmad Muqtasid    Blake Duvall    Bose Varghese    Brian Baldwin    Chad Graves

Charles Simmons    Chris Dubose    Courtney Miller    Daniel Armendariz    Dave McClung

Demetrick Andrews    Donnell Ford    James Bell    Jeff Estes    Jon Smeltzer    Jonathan Johnson

Jordan Bowen    Kyle Fowler    Manolo Vazquez    Maurice Brister    Michael Partain    Nate Smith

Neal Scoggins    Nicholas Walker    Nick Hendren    Norberto Guiterrez    Pranay Borde    Robby Tingle

Torvac Amos