Getting Ready for Guests [Handout]

Getting Ready for Guests



Principles of Guest-Friendliness:


  1. Everyone Is __________________ to Their Friends (Matt. 5:47)
  • The truth: most churches are friendly…to each other.
  1. ___________________ Is the Mark of a Christian (Gal. 5:22, 1 Thess. 5:15, Heb. 13:1)
  • Church ought to be where the unchurched receive the warmest welcome.
  • People know when you are sincere.
  1. Remember What Your First ________________ Was Like (Ex. 22:21, Mt. 7:12)
  • The longer you have been a member the harder it is to relate.

10 Guidelines for Guest-Friendly Churches:


  1. Post __________________ outside main entrances.
  2. Use highly-visible __________________ to direct guests to commonly used areas.
  3. Provide quality ___________________ and children’s space (clean, safe, bright).
  4. Provide guest ____________________.
  5. Provide a ________________________ center or packet.
  6. Gather guests’ ____________________ info effectively.
  7. Maintain a church _____________________ or Facebook page.
  8. Create an effective _________________________ plan.
  9. Do everything with _________________________.
  10. Review and discuss guest-friendly ______________________ as a church each year.



10 Guidelines for Guest-Friendly Church Members:


  1. Refer to guests as _______________, not visitors.
  1. Do not be afraid to _________ if someone is visiting (& don’t be offended if asked).
  1. Welcome _________________ during welcome time (go write down their name).
  1. Be a _________________________ Sunday School class (introduce, learn names, extra chairs, no insider stories, etc.).

  6.   Sit in the _____________________ of the pew.


  1. Practice the “10-Foot __________ Rule.” (Say “hi” to everyone who gets within 10 feet of you.)
  1. Practice the “__________________ Rule.”
  1. Treat guests as if they were guests in your ________________.
  1. Do not act glad to see guests…__________ glad.

 1.   DO NOT ask guests to move to a different __________ (invite them to sit with you)!



  1. Guests Are the Easiest People to ________________ (Mt. 28:19-20)
  • They come to your church voluntarily!
  • If we don’t reach guests, we’ll  never reach the unchurched.
  • How badly do you want them?